5500 series

Welding and screw hinge for security door

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In around 1950, Tony Grutman, a young engineer who had studied at the “Institut Industriel Supérieur Gramme”, was working as a buyer for Jaspar lifts. He negotiated the prices with a supplier of Swiss welding hinges.


The price was too high, and « at that price I will make my own! Would you be interested in buying it if I did? the Swiss supplier said ». ”. So Tony Grutman started producing soldering hinges in his garage in Angleur. Even at that time, he already sold more than 95% for export.


With this success, he built the factory in rue Hauzeur at Renory and started producing “Schuka” aluminium window frames. In association with the Poncin (carpentry) and Mineral Product companies, he built palaces for the king of Saudi Arabia. He employed 50 people.


In around 1980, in addition to his normal work, he thought of producing bullet-proof counters. He employed 100 people in this work in the “Mourg” building in Bressoux. He died subsequent to an illness, and then his two daughters and son -in- law did not manage to stay the course after a number of consecutive crises.


In around 2000, the work producing soldering hinges split away from the production of frame.


In around 2002, the company was bought up again by the CIP group to complete their ranges. This group worked in carpentry and was looking to diversify.


In July 2004, the Bodart & Gonay group, bought up the company which had become “Paumelles Liègeoises “. We still export 95% to countries as varied as Canada, Scandinavia, and bordering countries.


In 2005, in order to escape our single-product focus and to diversify our range, we started to develop a trade activity.


Since 2006, we have diversified our range with a “made to measure” service and set of products.


Since 2010, we have worked in collaboration with a wide variety of companies in order to obtain the skills we need for new projects (such as enrolled hinges, springs etc.,)


In 2012 we will be renewing our machine stock the better to meet new market needs and a number of new ranges will be developed. 


n 2013, the spring hinge is added to our product range. It can close the doors automatically without arms reminder!